About Me And My Art:

I love drawing.  I can't remember a time that I wasn't drawing.  As a child, my favorite thing to draw were animals, both real and fantastic.  I loved unicorns, dragons, birds and horses.  Not much has changed since those days.  My mother taught me to draw from observation and by studying other paintings and drawings.  

I still continue on in this manner, studying from life and observation of the natural world infusing it with fantastical elements in my own artwork.  I love both realistic high fantasy and the whimsical worlds of children's books.  My fine art and personal work often reflects my views of womanhood, motherhood and spirituality.  

My Education:

Academy of Art University - BFA, Illustration - December 2013

SmArtSchool Mentorship with Donato Giancola - 2013

SmArt School Mentorship with Marc Scheff - 2015

SmArt School Mentorship with Scott Fischer -2016

A Few Random Facts: 

When I'm not creating, I enjoy traveling, reading, and, most importantly, spending time with my two children, Jeremy and Ryan.  We also have an awesome yorkshire terrier named Frodo.